James 1:27

James 1:27

Friday, July 7, 2017

A Long Country Walk in the Rain

July 7, 2017

It was good today. Another low key day but as we have seen those days can be so meaningful and impactful.

We started out with probably our last team devotion. Such an incredible time together. We talked about the obstacles that hinder us from running the race. The sins of our past. The team shared some true honesty, vulnerability and tears. A lot of grace was extended. I continue to be humbled with this team. The love, encouragement and grace combined with the honesty of where people are on their faith journeys and struggles was incredible to experience.  

As we were wrapping up devotions it began to rain. A gentle rain. Very soothing at first; then harder and harder. A good African rain! But that means one thing... lots of red mud!

We drove to the church in Buwenda. This is the church God built
through email updates starting in 2008. We all wanted to walk through the village again spending time with people. The long slow stroll through the bush was fantastic. Kids running out to say hello. Adults stopping on their way along the trail to greet us. Really a wonderful time. Of course, the rain was still falling making some of the trail a mess along with our feet and shoes!

We ended up at the church's matooke
farm. Our church was able to help buy land and provide some seed money to start the farm. One thing Edward and I have been working towards is ways for the church and school to generate income. The school will never be 100% self-sustaining. ( I say that but I have also learned not to doubt God!) As we have talked and prayed we feel led to get some income projects going to benefit the church, school, community.

The farm blew me away! I had no idea what to expect but it was wonderful! There is a group of elders at the church who oversee and work the farm. It is divided into sections with various elders and their families responsible to work their section. The farm is being worked like the
demonstration farm at the school with new techniques for better yields. Church members can buy some of the plants at a discount to start farms on their land. The school buys the matooke from this farm for the children and they take product to sell at market. They have a savings account to set aside money for operations. We were able to meet the elders who work the farm and spend time with them under the shed while it rained. What a great time of fellowship and to hear their stories. Patrick, the elder who runs the
farm, grabbed a machete and began to cut off the mud from our shoes. I have known Patrick for many years. He is a great man who loves Jesus. A servant. I felt so unworthy of this act of kindness. 

As the rain let up Edward said it was time for the team to join the staff  gardening! So off we all went with hoes to dig some trenches between the plants. Talk about hard work! I am sure the Ugandans loved seeing us labor. I also know they probably dreaded having to go back and correct our work.

Farming on a rainy day was messy! The dirt was muddy and slick. We all had hobbit feet by the end. It was a good time of playing in the dirt! We are all on our way to becoming Ugandan farmers!

We returned to the shed to eat a snack of fresh matooke from the farm. We prayed for the farm, the staff and started to walk through the bush again. 

We stopped at Patrick's house. We prayed for him and his family.
Patrick's Home
Patrick and his wife Alice have 11 biological kids and have taken in 9 orphans from the church over the years. What a great family. I have helped add a room on to Patrick's house on a previous trip. It was great to sit in his home and pray for his family.

We then continued our stroll through the bush and came to the current house build our church is helping with. We met Tabithia, her husband and family who will benefit from the new home.  They are members of the church currently living in a run-down single room house. We got to see the work being

Tabithia's Home
done, pray for the home and family.

All along the way we continued to greet people. To stop and visit. Seeing life in the country happening around us was special giving us the opportunity to engage with people and share God’s love.

Afterwards we returned to the bus and headed to town. The team spent some time walking the markets and shops to stimulate the local economy.

Dr. Moses
Then we drove to Dr. Moses’ house for dinner. I really love this man. He is funny, charming and cares so deeply for people. He was our driver in 2007 on the scouting trip while in Gulu with the Methodist church. He was in medical school then but now lives in Jinja. His wife treated us to a local feast! We are well fed in Uganda for sure! He took us around home and we ate dinner. Then enjoyed a cup of tea. We prayed for him, his family and ministry. It was a wonderful time with a wonderful man. He has coordinated our medical clinics for a number of years hiring the local staff and buying medicines so we don't have to bring everything. I am honored to serve with him. His laugh warms my soul!

 It was a long day but a good day. Everyone on the team walked along the road with different people and experienced different things. Each
team member has a story to tell. The individual stories will be well worth hearing. Make sure to ask a team member. Just know that we were so honored to be in the homes of some great families.

Tomorrow is a fun day. Seven of us will raft the Nile while Leigh and Sarah spend the day with Edward and Julie around town. The team will eat dinner and end our time together affirming and thanking each other. This has become a tradition I love as the team gets a chance to encourage one another. We laugh and we cry. It is beautiful.

Tomorrow will be my 3rd time to raft the Nile. Kariel gets to experience it for the first time as she is now 16. I cannot wait to dominate the river with her! We are not scared of the crocs and hippos!

Good night, friends. Thank you once again for covering us in prayer.

We will be home in a few days. We cannot wait to share our hearts with you.


Till tomorrow. 



Thursday, July 6, 2017

Being Present

July 6, 2017

His Mercy School

Today was a low key day but still a day filled with grace and excitement.

 We were able to sleep in a little today. After two medical clinics, the team was tired; Refreshment was needed! Mike has reported that over the two days at His Mercy School 833 people saw the doctor and 79 the dentist, with the pharmacy filling a total of 2,805 prescriptions. Incredible! Praise to the Lord because it was all Him!

Today we headed back to the school to simply be present with the kids. No clinic. No work. Just to dance, sing, laugh, love, and pray. I love times like these. Sometimes my American mindset thinks we need to work, build or fix something in order for it to be “mission work”. This is a long distance to travel so we want to maximize the time. Then a day like today happens and I remember that just being here, showing the children and people we love and care for them by being present is being Christ’s hand and feet too.  This time is both a blessing to them and to us.

Walking to School
Today we drove until we couldn’t. Rosa, the bus got a flat tire. Luckily we were in Mayuge, (where we needed to be) so the team hit the red dirt road and began walking to the school. We got to ask about plants, gardens, and how food is grown. We saw bricks being made and engaged with people along the way. It was a truly special time. We all loved it. Crazy how a flat tire allowed for a much needed walk.

When we arrived at the school the children were screaming and singing their welcome to us. They were so excited to see us again. Warmed my heart. I truly love this school and these kids. To see many of them grow up over the years, work hard and do so well in school. Wow! To see today what God has accomplished since when we were first here in 2008 seems impossible! (Side note... Mike and I are going to work on a picture timeline of the school starting in 2008 to today. I think it will be overwhelming to see the transformation and all that God has done.)

Edward gave us the full tour of the school. It has changed so much since our last trip in 2015. They now have a demonstration garden to help educate the local community how to grow matooke for a a better harvest. Love the outreach to the community! There is also now a girl’s dorm which houses 56 girls on sight. A nursery. Additional teacher housing. A medical clinic on site for the children with a social worker and two nurses on staff. I am completely blown away!

 Also, Edward reported to us that in the last round of testing His Mercy School had the highest exam scores in the region. This little school in a rural village. That is all God.

Passing out suckers and mango juice.
We were able to give each child mango juice and a sucker. We had them tell us stories (My personal favorite was the story a young boy told of being a hunter and killing squirrels, monkeys, and snakes to sell for money). The team introduced themselves and told a little about their lives and families.  We then had the kids line up for lunch,  As they walked the team prayed over every child at the school. What a blessed time! To pray for each child and their future. Incredible!

Of course there was singing and dancing. Always! The team got to hand out gift bags to the choir and dancers from our church’s VBS kids.  Each bag
Praying over each child.
had some sweets, toys, and a picture of the child that made the bag with a personal letter. We read the letters from the American kids to the Uganda kids. Again what a special time!

We also were able  to speak with the teachers. Greg encouraged, empowered, and thanked them for the work they are doing. We got to pray for them as well. Such a great group of men and women who love to educate!

We had to say goodbye. It was hard. I have gotten to spend time with these children over ten trips. They are sweet, smart, sassy, funny, a little bit of trouble, creative, and amazing. I love them s much. 

It was pretty cool to come back after two years to walk the grounds at the clinic and hear the kids calling me the kyabazinga! (When I was here last, I told them I would be running for that position in their community.) That made my day! 

The team then drove to Edward's home, where he hosted a feast with his family. Julie, his sons, Joshua and Isaiah, plus his father, mother, and many others were so gracious.  They served us Matooke, rice, beans with minced meat, beef, fried chicken, yams, cabbage, g-nut sauce, avocado, chapatti, pineapple, and papaya. All amazing and fresh.
The Magumba Family
It was a gift we did not deserve but we were honored to partake in. We then gathered everyone, team and family, into Edwards home to pray for the home, his family, ministry, the community, and the school. It was such a special time. Edward has said many times that the relationship he and I share is divine connection. One only God could bring together. The things God has done through this friendship is staggering. I cannot comprehend it all. I am honored to call him my brother. He truly cares for his village, the children and sharing the love of Christ. We continue to pray, dream and share together asking God to guide us. I can't begin to understand it. I just try to keep saying "yes", making sure not to get too far ahead or behind where God wants us to be.

 Another side note.... I love this team. Their hearts, spirits, desire to
Leigh blessing a baby.
love and engage people any and everywhere amazes me. Always working together to taking care of each other. It has been an honor to serve with them.

Also, getting to serve beside my daughter for a second trip is incredible. She truly has a heart for the children. I love seeing her engage, talk, hold babies and jump in to dance. She serves where she’s needed and does it like a champ. I am super proud of Kariel. If you ever get the chance to serve with your children do it; If not, then make the chance happen! Don't hesitate. Get out of your comfort zone and go. It is an amazing opportunity.

Finally, when we returned to the hotel, the team jumped on boda bodas to head to town for ice cream. No locals. Just us. It was a great adventure! 

I know today's blog is not as detailed as usual. It is hard to explain a day like today. And honestly the best way to really understand is to have a team member share and show pics sharing their stories and hearts. Each person received something different today. Each story and perspective is special and meaningful. So today is a cliff notes version. When you get your friend or family member home find the time to settle in and enjoy the full novel. Today will come alive. I want them to share their hearts and tell their adventures.

A Family Hug with Mama Jessica
Tomorrow we head to the church in Buwenda (where we will worship on Sunday morning); plus, see the church/school matooke farm. This farm is an income generating project for both. Our church helped with some seed money and I am excited to see how it is progressing. We will also take another walking tour of the village to see a house build, meet some of the church members, and pray for them and their families. It will be another amazing day with people. Then we will spend the afternoon in Jinja town to enjoy the local environment. Saturday we raft the Nile. Cannot wait!

The team would like to invite you to join us in praying for our Amazon mission team which leaves tomorrow (Friday July 7, 2017) led by Jody and Mary Farrell. Our church has a long standing relationship with the church in the Amazon. We will be lifting them up in prayer as they serve as the hands and feet of Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and support. The team is well. A few sniffles and pains here and there. Nothing major it seems. Mainly exhaustion. 

Good night! We will visit tomorrow.


Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

July 5, 2017

Pharmacy in action.
Man... What a day again!

The team had another fantastic morning of devotional from our book. I highly recommend Unstoppable by Christine Caine. Great book. We were centered and ready to embrace our place in the day and the mission of God's greater plan. Whatever that entailed. We then stopped and prayed as a team before departing.

Our Lifeguard.
Today was the last medical clinic of our trip and second one at His Mercy School. We left yesterday with a list of approximately 200 names of people to be seen today. When we arrived there was another list with 400 names on it! All people expecting to see the doctor. Remember when I mentioned that we needed prayers to stay strong after the great day yesterday? That the enemy will work to throw obstacles and road blocks in our way today? We felt overwhelmed from the start.

As we were setting up and working to begin handing out tickets became chaotic. People were everywhere.  Trying to keep things organized was impossible. We stepped in the
pharmacy and held hands stopping to give the day and the people to God. Then we went out to our spots and started the clinic.

It was a rocky start to say the least. Things were happening but not smoothly like yesterday. However, we adjusted, stayed flexible, and worked with our local team. I had to step up to be the enforcer on some things to keep the order and the people back from the ticket table. Angela was awesome as she got to step out of her comfort zone, helping fill in names from the list of the next adult to see the doctor!

Greg and I helped Mike escort people to the doctor and then to the prayer room and pharmacy. The three of us came up with a plan to stage groups of 5 to go to the doctor together. Things were still crazy but working.

Mike doing his thing.
The list of people to see the doctor was stopped somewhere around 450. No more names were added. We wanted to set realistic expectations. We didn’t expect that everyone on the list would be seen.

We kept working....

Greg, Mike and I interacted with people.

The pharmacy crew was rocking it again with Sarah, Leigh, and Kariel working with the local team to fill, fill, fill.

Katie was cleaning and dressing wounds.

Carly was praying up a storm.

Angela was filling in cards for people to see the doctor.

It all worked.

 Dr Moses set up a couple of more doctors (& nurses) to see patients and to help work through the crowd.

 The pharmacy kept on pace. They got a little behind but not so overwhelming to make us worry.

We broke for lunch. Then back at it with Angela stepping into pharmacy to fill scripts.

Then I saw the waiting area. It was so much smaller. 

 After a few more hours of working, helping, and loving on people we met and filled the last person to see the doctor.

The waiting area was empty.

Final estimate (actual will be finalized tomorrow) was: 561 people to see a doctor and 48 to see the dentist. Incredible! We saw more than the list of 450 people!

God truly took our small crumbs of service and multiplied them many times over. As we left the school to head to the hotel there were no adults waiting. Everyone had gotten to see the doctor (including children and teachers) and gotten their scripts filled. Plus we had medicines left over to fill the on-site clinic at the school.

For the three medical clinic days we served over 1,200 people!

Days For Girls, an organization that works with girls on
hygiene education also came in to talk to the girls. 
Our church's UMW made sustainable hygiene kits to
be distributed.
How is this possible? Through the grace of God!
What an amazing day. What an amazing trip so far! Thank you for your prayers.

I titled this post Teamwork Makes the Dream Work. It is a phrase I use at work. I am a team guy. I have experienced a team with everyone doing their part, accomplishing so much more together than a few individuals just at work. I believe the body of Christ is the same way. Every person doing their small part can do huge things. Embrace your place and let God work his power. Team work makes the dream work. This team has been wonderful.

Sarah – Our field general. Always ready to go. Always ready to give of herself. Earned her pharmacy degree this trip. The team mother.

 Leigh – Serve, serve, serve. Does not want to stop helping others. Strong sense of justice. The other team mother.

Katie – Full hearted. Such a heart full of compassion and love for these kids. Soaks in all she can.

Carly – Pure energy. Experiencing life and God to the fullest.

 Angela – Quiet strength. Always willing to do anything and jumps right in. Works like a machine.

Kariel – Steady and true.  I couldn’t be more proud to work beside my girl.   

 Mike – Simply Amazing. Always engaging, working and making people feel loved. Truly a heart of love and service.

Greg – Holds us together. Ready for anything. Keeps us laughing. Loves it all and does it all. A great leader.

I am honored to serve with this group. To be a part of what God has done through them. It has been amazing to observe and not mess up the good thing God is doing with and in them.

Tomorrow we head back to the school to have a low key day with the kids. We plan to love on them and have some fun. Should be a great day.

What an awesome God we serve. Thank you for your support and prayers.

Good night all.


Tuesday, July 4, 2017

When All Things Work for the Glory of God

July 4, 2017
Students at His Mercy School

First thing.... Happy 4th of July America!

Today was an amazing day!  We held our second (of this trip) medical clinic at His Mercy School for Orphans and Vulnerable Children in the village of Kikubo (first clinic day here). This school is a special place and has a piece of my heart. To see it now and think about when we first visited it in 2008, seems impossible. But as we are learning in our book Unstoppable..... impossible is God's starting point.

I cannot believe how amazing the school looks and the wonderful things the staff are doing educating the children of the community, as well as sharing the love of Christ. This very rural community has a heavy population who believe in witchcraft. The school has become one of the best performing schools in the region! How is that possible? Only by the grace of God!

We started this morning with team devotions after breakfast. This has become a great time of fellowship and encouragement for the team. We share some thoughts from our book to center us for the day and then share God moments we have experienced. Have I mentioned how amazing my friend Greg Gibson is? I love leading with him.

We then headed to the school driving through the Ugandan country side. We arrived and began to set up the flow of the clinic. There were already people waiting, as there always are. We greeted the teachers and children before we hit the ground running with setup. We were ready to go, but we had to wait on Dr. Moses to arrive with additional medicines. Mike was once again the triage and crowd control guru. The school had already begun a list of names to see the doctors with numbers for us to follow in order. At
one point the list had 300 names on it! I worried we would once again be in chaos, working to stay ahead of the flow of people. The team met in Edwards office to pray for the day and clinic to go smoothly plus, for God to get the glory.

Dr. Moses arrived and we got started.  Things were a little crazy at first, but Mike (he is truly a rock star) and his local teammates got into a rhythm. We began to have a steady flow of patients to the doctor, then to the pharmacy and prayer room. Something strange happened - the
pharmacy stayed on top of the scripts. We had a room for them to set up with six people filling various scripts. Usually even with a team like this the pharmacy gets backed up. But not today.  The team was in a groove and doing an amazing job. Sarah, Leigh, Angela, and Kariel had a great set up; they were a well-oiled machine. These ladies are amazing! Always organized, looking to improve, never wanting to stop helping people. Love their hearts to serve! Carly was in the prayer room and spent time with the kids. Katie, Angela and Carly were right in the middle with children in between their clinic duties. Such a great sight to see the team interact and love!

Then a politician showed up. Sometimes politicians frustrate me. It is something I have always struggled with in Uganda. They can be demanding and usually want to cut their group of twenty family and
friends in front of people. I have to truly rely on God to work through this! Dr. Moses told us, however, he had invited the Minister of Parliament representing Mayuge,  Julie Zabwe Mukoda to the clinic. This lady meets in Kampala with the other MP's to help set the course of the country! (How did we get here? This makes the 3rd politician I have met who has direct ties to the president in my 10 years. Impossible!) We met with her and her staff. Moses and Edward updated them on how the school and partnership started back in 2007 including what the school as doing now. She was incredible.  Very humble and caring. Truly appreciative of what was happening. What a great lady. She thanked us for caring for her people and pledged her support to the school and partnership in the years ahead of her term. She has only recently been elected (about a year ago). I was blown away by her. Very sharp and impressive but as I mentioned so caring and excited. Edward gave her a tour of the school and then she visited with the adults waiting for the doctors, as well as with the children. She was so warm and encouraging to everyone. You could truly see her concern for her people. It was an honor to visit with her. She gave me her card and said she and I would stay in touch. Maybe a visit to parliament is in my future?

I had been away from the flow of the clinic for a bit so I was anxious to check in and see how far things had gotten backed up in the pharmacy and where I could plug in to help. And you know what? I saw a team doing all they could. Things were running smoother than any clinic I
Waiting Room

have ever been a part of. It was incredible! The pharmacy had a back log but nothing crazy like normal. The people were seeing the doctor and moving through the clinic flow we had set up. Everyone said things were going great, it was a constant busy but nothing they could not handle. Mike and his team had a system in place. People were moving through. The pharmacy had a system and things were continuous. The interpreters were taking scripts, helping people to the prayer room and then the waiting area. The interpreters were also taking filled scripts and calling people up to explain their meds. Katie was cleaning and dressing wounds. Greg was everywhere filling in to help where needed. It was amazing! I stepped in and helped and we continued to flow.

For today, 316 people saw the doctor with over 1,000 scripts filled and 35 seeing the dentist.  We are also already set up for tomorrow’s first grouping to be seen when they arrive.

All I can say is what a team and what a God. Our team has been talking about being ready to serve and how we only offer what small part we can. God takes it, multiplies it and does great things. Today was a witness to that. Only our God could make today go like it did. Only our God could take our small crumbs of service and multiply it like the loaves and fishes, helping all those people see a doctor; plus, leave being prepared for the next day! Thank you, Lord!

We ask for your continued prayers. The enemy will not be happy about today and we cannot pat ourselves on the back thinking we have this down. Tomorrow will bring its challenges and frustrations. We need to be prayed up by our church family at home. Thank you for your part in the work and expressions of love happening in Uganda!

Towards the end of the day, as things were wrapping up, the children broke out the drums, skirts/sashes and began to dance. Of course, Katie, Carly, Greg, and I had to join in. We danced away with the children. Let's say that the kids are way better than us but from the sound of the laughter we brought a lot of joy to them! It is a little intimidating to jump in and dance when asked but there is only one place on earth that can get me to dance like that. Uganda is it. It's a special place. 

Kariel and I got to see our sponsored kids/family. Viola ran to hug Kariel in the pharmacy when she got there. Mama Jessica picked Kariel
up off the ground and hugged her. Reagan and Mercy both could not stay away from me as I walked through the grounds during the clinic. We love this little family. Kariel started sponsoring Viola when she was in the 5th grade (about 5 years ago). We now sponsor Viola’s brother and sister.

Sponsorship is such a huge blessing. For a small monthly donation, a child and their family are blessed with school fees covered, medicine, supplies, etc. My family and I have been child sponsors for many years and have seen first hand the blessing to a child. You many never set foot in Africa or another country, but you can still have a huge impact for the Lord through child sponsorship. Please pray about it and see where God leads you. If you are interested in sponsoring a child from His Mercy School or Pastor Edward’s church you can go to www.helponenow.org . All the children at this site from Uganda are cared for by Pastor Edward. It is truly an opportunity to take your loaf and fish to be multiplied for His glory.

The children all got together and waved goodbye.  They told us to come back tomorrow. Which we will! I love this school and these children. It is a holy place for me and my family.

The team has showered and are asleep as I finish this blog. Kariel, Angela, and I had a milkshake at the hotel before bed which was a nice cold treat. It is hard to believe the team only has a few more days to go in country. We plan to serve to the fullest and soak up all we can with our brothers and sisters. Keep on praying for us as we can truly feel it!

Good night till tomorrow.


Monday, July 3, 2017

The Long and Winding Road

July 3, 2017

 A Recap of Sunday:

As Kysia added for me on the blog we visited three UMC churches yesterday. I love Ugandan church! Singing, dancing, sharing and passion! You can see the hope in Christ. Humbles me. I love joining in; though, I must admit I can feel awkward!

We started out at Achwang where Josephine is the pastor. It was fun to leave the bus about a half mile away to walk through the trail to the church with the sound of drums and singing getting louder as we approached. The praises of God going out into the world!

Two years ago when we visited this village, the church met as a fellowship under a mango tree. Now a permanent structure stands that God used our church to help build. The community mostly made up of woman and children actually had some young men singing in the choir.

The children's choir at Achwang was a treat. Little ones dancing and singing praises to the Lord! I got to greet the church and make team introductions. Leigh and Carly did an excellent sharing their testimonies. I love to see team members stepping outside their comfort zones to share what God has done in their lives. Though it may seem like the context is out of whack with Africa, the idea and the message of Christ’s love and grace always translates! What an encouragement to the women of Achwang to see these strong women of faith!

Pastor Edward brought the message and man can he preach! He had the congregation laughing with his examples.  He really related to them and their community. I love to see him get flowing as he starts to speak louder and louder with passion!

We were supposed to be there for 2 hours and stayed for 4! African church is not a short event!

We left and visited the church in Opit next where Titus is the pastor. We have visited Opit many times over the years, even in 2007 on our first trip. Again the children's choir was waiting outside to greet us with singing and dancing! We went inside to simply fellowship for a bit. They made us a snack (basically a full meal) of goat, cassava, cabbage, and beans. The cabbage and beans were incredible! Opit now has a brick structure that God blessed them with!

After finishing at Opit, we traveled to the village of Lujuro where a new and growing church started only a few years ago. Patrick is the pastor.

We ended the evening with a very special annual event. All the area pastors ate a meal with the team and then enjoyed a time of sharing. We talked about how the time in Gulu went and what could be improved. There is always the request to stay longer. I so would love to stay longer in all of Uganda, with both partners. We will continue to pray. We then affirmed each other. This is so special. When we first visited the Methodist church in the north in 2007 there were only two churches in Koch Goma and Opit. Today there is Koch Chorom, Koch Goma, Opit, Achwang, Iriaga, Layibi, Lujuro, and Gonycugu with fellowships being started in a few more villages. What an incredible growth! God's people sharing with their communities the love of Christ. Let's keep that going!

We said goodbye to the pastors which is always hard to do. God has connected us to such wonderful partners in Uganda. Rev. David, Solomon, Alphonse, Josephine, Titus, Douglas, Patrick, Peter, and Christine are all such strong men and women of faith.

And then came Monday...

 What a Day!

We traveled back to Jinja the long way. The team left at 5 a.m. so we
could drive through the Murchison Falls wildlife preserve. Total time on the bus was twelve and a half hours. Rough on the body but so worth it to see elephants, giraffes, warthogs, and other animals in the wild. Lunch was a stop in Misindi for some stick meat! Edward negotiated for us and it was a riot. The street vendors were all sticking their product in the bus window while Edward was trying to buy a little from everyone. Chaos, but love me some roasted goat on a stick!


We finally arrived in Jinja, ate dinner, sorted medical bags, and showered. Tomorrow we head to His Mercy School in the village of Kikubo for day 1 of 2 medical clinic days. Dr. Moses and his team will meet us there to once again be the hands and feet for Christ. Please continue to pray strength and wisdom for us. The team is all good and continuing to be just fantastic together. 

 Good night my friends. More updates tomorrow.


A note from Kysia:

The team has been in Uganda about a week now sleeping in a few different hotels, dining on different cuisine.  Please, pray for them to stay healthy and get good rest.  Thank you!

Sunday, July 2, 2017

A Day of Worship

Today we worshipped with three different churches in the Gulu area.  We are just going to share some photos. Tomorrow we leave for the southern part of Uganda.  Please pray safety in our travel, persisting good health and for us to continue sharing the light of God's love.

The walk to Achwang.

Inside Luguro, UMC

Luguro, UMC
Opit, UMC

Achwang, UMC

Inside Achwang UMC